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Children with rare diseases are the “orphans” of medicine. Their lives — and their family’s lives — are consumed by doctor appointments, visiting specialist after specialist (and often hospital after hospital) in the hunt for an end to their suffering. Frequent misdiagnoses add emotional agony. The uncertainty persists even when a definitive diagnosis is made, since many rare diseases are still incurable.

It does not need to be this way.

Through our focus on innovative research and international cooperation, Care-for-Rare gives children with rare diseases hope for a cure.

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The Care-for-Rare Alliance comprises a large network of physicians and scientists working at academic pediatric centers and science institutes to support the foundation’s mission: Treating children with rare diseases, discovering the causes of diseases, and developing new therapies.

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The Care-for-Rare Academy supports fellows from all over the world who are committed to learning about the diagnosis of and therapies for children suffering from rare diseases.

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The Care-for-Rare Aid initiative grants allow individual patients to have access to modern genomic medicine throughout the world — regardless of the family’s ability to pay. There is an urgent need to provide help for patients in less privileged circumstances.

Care-for-Rare is committed to helping children and their families with rare diseases by:

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Advancing science in national and global interdisciplinary alliances

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Supporting education of physicians and scientists

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Raising awareness in professional and local communities

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Granting children access to cutting-edge diagnostics and therapy

“The destiny of children with rare diseases depends critically on enthusiastic scientists and international collaboration. Care-for-Rare provides a valuable platform for both – therefore, I proudly share its vision and mission!”

Bruce Beutler
UT Southwestern, Dallas
Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine

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