Jörg’s 2022 Journey!


Jörg Richter is cycling from coast-to-coast across the United States to raise awareness about rare pediatric diseases.

  1. 30 million Americans are affected by rare diseases and 50% of those patients are children.  The average time to get an accurate rare disease diagnosis is 6-8 years and even then 95% of all rare diseases do not have an approved drug treatment.  Rare children’s diseases are often a lonely struggle for the patients and their families.  Because a specific disease may only affect a small number of people in America, answers can be difficult to come by.  It is a lonely journey, always looking for hope and surrounded by uncertainty.

Jörg Richter wants to help change that.

On March 22, Richter will mount his bike in Tracy, California, to begin his ride across the country to bring awareness to children suffering from rare diseases. His journey will take him through cities small and large, with planned stops in San Francisco; Phoenix; Tucson; Albuquerque; Denver; Fargo; Minneapolis; Kansas City; St. Louis; Greensboro; Washington, DC; New York; and Boston.  Like us on Facebook to follow Jörg’s adventure… and cheer him on when he’s traveling near you!  

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